‘Essence of You’ Workshops

Discover ‘The Essence of You’

Do you feel that something needs to change for you to perform at your optimum and be happy?

Can you confidently describe your strengths and character to yourself and others?

Are you feeling stuck or at a crossroads and looking for direction?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions the ‘Essence of You’ workshops were designed to help you. Attendees from previous workshops describe how they have rediscovered themselves and are confidently able to articulate who they are and why they do what they do. We can help you to discover the key ingredients that make you the person you were born to be – your innate, authentic essence.

You will leave the workshop with tangible words and phrases that articulate your authentic motivation and strengths, helping you to make the right decisions in the future. You will have more confidence to be true to yourself as an individual and differentiate yourself as a company.

Please take a look at this video to see the response from previous delegates:

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Discover the Essence of You workshopThe half-day workshop takes you through a very practical process that will help you to discover more about yourself. Richard, will guide you through an insightful process that connects with your intuitive and innate wisdom, stripping away the ‘noise’ and ‘trash’ that society has told you about yourself to reveal the bare truth.

You will take away a visual reminder of your essence to treasure and use as a bench-mark on which to make all future key decisions, whether in life or work.

“Richard has an easy and friendly style of facilitation that makes opening to the process simple and enjoyable as well as a great skill in asking pertinent questions that get to the core of understanding”

Your essence is a unique combination of your ‘why’ and your ‘who’


Brand discovery workshopYour why is your purpose – your reason for being, and your who is a combination of character traits that determine how your purpose is achieved in the most authentic way for you.

When combined together, your why and who define the foundation upon which everything else you do is determined. If you run your own company it will underpin your strategic decision-making process for all aspects of your company from marketing to sales to recruitment, while also making sure that you stand out from the crowd by ensuring that customers understand the ethos and character of your company.

As an individual your essence will guide you in all major decisions including your partner, choice of career, future employers and personal interests. If you are true to your essence it will help you make the right decisions from which you can be happy and content, while also knowing that you are moving in the right direction towards fulfilling your true life purpose.

Here is another video capturing people’s views on the essence discovery process.

We would love to welcome you to a future ‘Essence of You’ discovery workshop, and plan to run them all over the UK as the demand requires.

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