My gifts for you to download

An essential part of the healing process for me is to help the client be in the most effective state to receive healing.  The more relaxed a client can be, the more open they will be for the healing to enter their energy system and have the impact they require at that point in time.

The first 15 minutes or so of any healing session with me is a guided relaxation session that helps attain that state, encouraging the client to switch off from the ‘busy-ness’ of life, relax and centre on being in  the desired state.

Many clients have enjoyed this guided relaxation and told me that they wished that I could be at their home to help them to relax when feeling stressed, anxious, or unable to sleep.  So I have created an audio track for you to download that should have the same effect as me being there with you.

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Click on the following link to download:
Visualisation audio to help you relax if stressed, anxious or unable to sleep

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Is negative energy making you feel low? Try this…

I was contacted via Twitter yesterday by a lady asking for advice on

“how to get rid of this dark negative energy, that I feel inside me.”

As a general rule the solution is about surrounding yourself and breathing in positive, golden white light. I think of this as the Universal Energy that surrounds us all. There’s an unlimited supply – the catch is that you have to ask in order for it to flow.

White snowdrops - positive energyImagine there’s a big funnel above your head and every time you breathe in you are breathing in a brilliant light energy through the funnel into the top of your head and filling your body.

The bright positive energy will push away dark energy in the same way that brilliant light does not allow space for shadows.  As you fill up with the brilliant golden white energy imagine that any dark energy is being dissolved by the light. The negative energy drains down through your body, and out through your feet into the ground below – it goes deep into the earth.

When you’ve done this for a while and filled up your body with the golden white energy imagine placing yourself in a bubble made of breathable material that keeps in the light while blocking out the dark energy.

There’s also a good App for smart phones called Insight Time that has guided visualisations and meditations. There’s a guided meditation on there called ‘Personal Shielding Meditation’ that will help with this.

Try this exercise once a day until you feel lighter.  If you are in a crowded space or with people you feel might drag you down try visualising yourself back in the safe bubble.