Belonging – Are you with the right people in the right place?

As human beings we have an innate desire to belong.  We search for like minded people, whether at a football match, in church or with a group of people with whom we share an interest.

belongingWe are attracted to environments that inspire us, make us feel happy and satisfy our visual needs.  For some people this means beautiful buildings and rooms from an aesthetic point of view, for others it is an escape to a space where we can feel more at one with nature. Some people are attracted to a place because they feel good with other people who are already there and for others it can simply be a feeling that it is the right place for them at that point in time.

I was once told that

if you are with the right people you are in the right place

This resonated with me completely at the time as I had chosen a career path that lead me to a place where I was very successful, but  was not comfortable with the people with whom I worked.  I was not with people who were like me, who understood me or who I wanted to spend time with out of working hours –

I was with the wrong people, therefore I was in the wrong place.

It was a tough realisation because this also meant that I had actually chosen the wrong career!!

In hindsight it is easy for me to see how this happened to me – I had chosen a career based on my perceived skills rather than having any sense of achieving a purpose.  I now have a much firmer idea of my purpose and I have a determination to do whatever I can to fulfil it – I believe my purpose is to guide and awaken others to the fact that we are all born with a purpose, and when we are in alignment with that purpose life is happier and more fulfilling.

The key to my discovery and realisation of my purpose was to let go of those people in my life who did not feel right and instead, seek out and surround myself with people who do.  The amazing thing is that the more I spend time with people that feel right, even more amazing people come into my life.

For me it has been about trusting and following my natural instinct, spending time with people who feel right in places that feel good – places where I feel that I belong.  If I am in a place that doesn’t feel right or with a group of people with whom I don’t feel comfortable I get the hell out of there as soon as I can.

Take some time to consider the places in your life yo feel that you belong, and those where you feel less comfortable.  Now consider the people you are with in those places.  The feeling of belonging is associated with the people, not the place.  If you don’t feel like you belong, find a reason to take some time out from that group of people and use your instinct to find a new activity, place  even job where the people feel right.

Love and Light


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Do you know your Why – The real life you were born to live?

I love this…
When you know your why,
your what has more impact
because you’re moving in or towards purpose

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