Is negative energy making you feel low? Try this…

I was contacted via Twitter yesterday by a lady asking for advice on

“how to get rid of this dark negative energy, that I feel inside me.”

As a general rule the solution is about surrounding yourself and breathing in positive, golden white light. I think of this as the Universal Energy that surrounds us all. There’s an unlimited supply – the catch is that you have to ask in order for it to flow.

White snowdrops - positive energyImagine there’s a big funnel above your head and every time you breathe in you are breathing in a brilliant light energy through the funnel into the top of your head and filling your body.

The bright positive energy will push away dark energy in the same way that brilliant light does not allow space for shadows.  As you fill up with the brilliant golden white energy imagine that any dark energy is being dissolved by the light. The negative energy drains down through your body, and out through your feet into the ground below – it goes deep into the earth.

When you’ve done this for a while and filled up your body with the golden white energy imagine placing yourself in a bubble made of breathable material that keeps in the light while blocking out the dark energy.

There’s also a good App for smart phones called Insight Time that has guided visualisations and meditations. There’s a guided meditation on there called ‘Personal Shielding Meditation’ that will help with this.

Try this exercise once a day until you feel lighter.  If you are in a crowded space or with people you feel might drag you down try visualising yourself back in the safe bubble.

Do you know your Why – The real life you were born to live?

I love this…
When you know your why,
your what has more impact
because you’re moving in or towards purpose

If you would like some help discovering your why I run regular half-day workshops, ‘The Essence of You – Discover the life you were born to live’  Click the link to have a look at the page then add your contact details to be kept updated on the next workshop near you.

purposefully yours,


A Story of a death, a re-connection and a birth.

A Story of a death, a re-connection and a birth.

One of my first requests for healing was to visit a young lady called Tish who was tragically in the final stages of terminal cancer.  Although I was only a probationary healer at the time I felt that because someone had put their trust in me, then there must be some way that I could help.  I knew that there would be no miracle cure but hoped that my being there would help Tish to be more comfortable and in some way enable her to move on in a calm and peaceful state.

I visited Tish twice, the second time being the evening before she passed over, and I believed that my work was done.  However, unbeknown to me the universe had hatched another plan that I was not to find out about until 20 years later…..

alison bookAuthor and artist, Alison Knox was a friend of Tish and had also been visiting her that same night.  I will let Alison  take over the story from here.   In her latest book, “According to my Angels” She writes:

“ One evening when I visited (Tish), I was asked by the nurse to wait outside her room as she was with a Healer, having some “healing”.   I had never heard of healing, and I was intrigued.   What did a Healer do? What did they look like? What would I even say to one if they spoke to me?

The mystery was soon resolved when Richard, a young, attractive but otherwise unremarkable looking man emerged. He came beaming over and said hello, smiling warmly he shook my hand. I felt something like a bolt of lightning shoot up my arm leaving a residual tingling and warmth in my own hand.

WOW!   Is that what they do? It felt very odd. It felt very good. Healing eh?

I popped in to see Tish just briefly.  She was by now drifting in and out of consciousness, she seemed very far away.   Our friend, Athena assured me that the healing session would have helped her feel better for a while. It could not cure her, but it could help relieve the pain and discomfort that the tumour within her liver was inflicting upon her tiny fragile frame.

When I left the hospice later, I found myself literally running home. It felt absolutely imperative that I got back to my workroom as soon as possible. Crashing through the front door, I ran straight upstairs to my studio and grabbed the nearest piece of paper and a pen.

I then wrote what would amount to my first channelled message.

I knew this was for Tish.   The feeling was overwhelming as I wrote it, the words just flowed through me and out of my pen. There was no struggle or correction of error, no scribbling out, no amendments. It just came as it was. This was not really the sort of thing I was used to writing.”

When you came to me and took me by the hand; you whispered to me of another land.

You told me how my pain would be at ease; and how my mortal suffering would sudden cease.

You stroked my cheek and softly promised true; that if I simply said “I Will” to you, that you would take me from this fearful pain; and let me live as I once had again.

When I was strong and loud and full of love; and took my share of life without reprove.

I never thought that there would come a time, when health and strength would not be, by divine right, mine.

Oh, you tempt with your soft and velvet voice; seduce me without hinting I have choice!

But Death; I look you in the face and say, “I choose to do this my way!

I am not ready to take your hands, nor listen to your promises of other lands.

I still have things I want to do and say, and so I choose to go MY way.

YES, my pain is real and cuts me deep, And YES, the cancer grows and YES, I weep.

Save your pleasant whispers for another day; take your cool and tempting hands away.

For when I choose to take your hand, I do it willingly, NOT on demand”
A Death by Alison Knox

This was my first experience of a channelled message. I had no idea.  It was to be another six years before it would happen again.  Tish was ready to leave, and this was a death facilitated with love present.

It made it a “good” death, as far as it goes. It was her time.

This was my first experience of a Healer. I still didn’t fully understand what they got up to, but I had felt the energy in that handshake.   It had touched me.  I am not sure whether the handshake from Richard facilitated the writing of the message or not. I do feel it opened something up. Maybe the two things were linked or perhaps it was just co-incidence!

Thank you Richard, you had no idea the part you played on my journey!

An extract from “According to My Angels” by Alison Knox
Chapter 8 page 45 “A Death”

© Alison Knox