Richard’s Story

Richard - energy healerI have been practicing as a qualified, accredited healer since 1996.  My spiritual journey actively began after attending a spiritual development day in Nottingham in the early 1990s. By the end of an inspiring day I was convinced that there is something more to life than the purely physical world we live in from day to day.

My explorations took me to meditation classes, the spiritualist church and eventually a lovely medium called Mary. During this journey I was repeatedly told that I had healing ‘powers’ and should follow it up. I ignored these messages for some time until Mary, by now a good friend, sat me down and held out her wrist. “Tell me what you see”, she said and from nowhere I found myself telling her that it had been broken and not healed correctly – now giving her discomfort.

I was 100% correct in my intuitive assessment, and Mary persuaded me that day to join the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers – now The Healing Trust) to learn the code of conduct required to practice as an energy healer.

It’s very important to me that energy healing is not attached to any church or religion. My belief is that the spiritual energy that is channelled while healing is a universal energy available to all – regardless of religion or race.

Over the years I have had some incredibly powerful and moving experiences while serving as an Energy Healer – all linked to my fundamental belief that life goes on in some form after death. There are no miracles and there is no promise that you will be physically healed – the energy goes where it needs to go, strengthens your immune system and your ability to self-heal. Physical injury and dis-ease can take time to fully heal if that is what is destined to happen. There are times when the best I can do as a healer is try to lessen the pain and discomfort and help someone to prepare to pass on from this world to the next adventure.

What I can assure you is that you will leave a healing session in a relaxed state with your energy balanced having experienced a deep connection, consciously or sub-consciously, to the universal energy.

Please follow my blog where I will share more of my story as well as inspirations and any channelled material that I think you will find interesting.


NFSH Registered Healer: MNFSH8692

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