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An essential part of the healing process for me is to help the client be in the most effective state to receive healing.  The more relaxed a client can be, the more open they will be for the healing to enter their energy system and have the impact they require at that point in time.

The first 15 minutes or so of any healing session with me is a guided relaxation session that helps attain that state, encouraging the client to switch off from the ‘busy-ness’ of life, relax and centre on being in  the desired state.

Many clients have enjoyed this guided relaxation and told me that they wished that I could be at their home to help them to relax when feeling stressed, anxious, or unable to sleep.  So I have created an audio track for you to download that should have the same effect as me being there with you.

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Click on the following link to download:
Visualisation audio to help you relax if stressed, anxious or unable to sleep

Please let me know the results you experience from the track in the comments below

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